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No One An Island But Everyone Should Be Private. 


Interview Speaker Update 

We have some important sit down words from Mark Babbitt 

Shark Kevin Harrington and RAIDA Sean Worthington Exchange


Coming or Ready Ebooks Release

Rise of Epochal History my memoir on the awaited 70 Weeks Vision of the last days. 

Hint .. seal up the VISION and the Prophecy for it shall be for MANY DAYS. 

Holy Old Covenant Believing

Defining The 'Perpetual Covenant' Israel Poll and with those forsakers and dissenters in demonstration of. 

Mastercard Discover Visa American Express

The rundown of governing alternative payment methods and resources. 9.24.18

OBAMA Returns Column

Considers the O's return to American politics whether back as Senator or as a Michelle Presidency. Or other such as Governorship.



Hourly news and vital postings. 

Go Digital Today And Be On or "Get Out" Ahead of the Curve

Tell us your concerns so we can start your smooth transformation or assist you in this convergence transition from our physical ecosystem

IMPORTANT FOR YOU. Tell us more about your goals or objectives so we can better help. 

Randy Frushour Personal / Group Consult

Today's Centerpiece Prophecy Puzzle Match

Submit Your Scriptural Puzzle Match passage selected for "Sign of the Son of Man"  example Matthew 24 30. And then shall appear the sign of the son of man. 

                 example Isaiah 17 1

Behold, Damascus (Syria) is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.

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